Considering a Fundraising Event? Read this!

For many nonprofits the season of event planning is in full swing. With Covid-19 still permeating our lives, nonprofits are asking a multitude of questions. Is it safe to hold my late fall event in person? Should I wait and decide later? What if I plan for an event and then need to cancel?

We have heard many nonprofits grappling with these questions. Some nonprofits have decided to delay holding any in-person events until the Spring of 2021. The decision to hold off for any in-person events – and switching to a virtual event – is quickly becoming a best practice and we agree. Here’s why:

No more guesswork

Staff, volunteers and event attendees now know where the issue stands. There is less stress and uncertainty around the planning process. No one needs additional stress at this time!

Budget allocations

Appropriate budget adjustments can be made. Holding virtual events allows more time to potentially engage more people and allows for a potential broader geographic reach.

Fewer third-party affiliations

Many third-party entities can be taken out of the picture. There is definitely no need for rental space or a caterer. You may have some newer affiliations for video/taping productions but overall these third party costs should decrease significantly.

Your guests!

Attendees will have the date and there is not any uncertainty. Plus you can begin to engage them in the process much earlier.

Your sponsors!

Current and potential sponsors will have more clarity around what their sponsorship dollars are supporting and lessens the risk of the event being canceled or moved. Additionally, nonprofits can leverage other assets to provide additional “value add” for sponsorship dollars beyond a one-off, one-time event.

We are unsure how long the effects of Covid-19 will last but event decisions can and should be made soon. This great advice has come from Lauren Yates who has been helping us as a grant writer and is also now assisting with event planning and creation. Lauren, and our team at Ashley|Rountree, can help your organization make the transition from your typical in-person event to a virtual one. Call us today at 502-244-5835 to learn more.