Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

As the region’s leading provider of consulting services for nonprofit organizations, the mission of Ashley|Rountree and Associates is to assist nonprofit organizations in growing philanthropy and achieving self-sustainability in order to help the communities we serve become a better place for all who live and work in them.

Our Values


Our comprehensive approach to each project is rooted in a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity. We believe that everyone involved – from your staff and board to volunteers, donors and people served – has a stake in your organization’s success and a diverse, valuable perspective to offer. We use the same approach in serving you; our team of consultants has a breadth of expertise and deep knowledge of all facets of philanthropy and nonprofit management.

Sustainable Growth.  

We are committed to ensuring your organization is better prepared to face the future with newly built capacities. Rather than fostering clients that become dependent on our expertise, Ashley|Rountree works to build each organization’s capabilities from within, assisting staff, board and volunteers in taking responsibility for deepening your nonprofit’s impact. Our responsibility is to help you develop internal resources to reach your organization’s current goals and facilitate long-term growth.

Ethical Practices.  

Your work is built on serving the public’s trust, and as your partner, that duty extends to the way we serve you. We understand that nonprofit and governmental organizations benefit from public support and tax exemption in exchange for addressing the community’s most pressing needs without personal benefit. Ashley|Rountree adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethics and holds each of our consultants and clients to the same high standards.


We do more than just talk about what needs to be done – we help lead our clients to action and achievement. Each member of Ashley|Rountree’s team of consultants has worked in both staff and volunteer roles for nonprofits, and we understand your high expectations for tangible results. As your partner, we’ll work with you to transform ideas into impact and celebrate your success every step of the way.


Nonprofit organizations fill critical gaps in human services, with much of the sector serving marginalized communities and individuals who lack equitable access to achieving their full potential. Your organization is charged with carrying out invaluable work that has the power to change lives, and as your ally, Ashley|Rountree is proud to play an active supporting role as we collaborate to make our communities more just and equitable places to work and live.