Special Events Audit, Planning & Management

Event revenue can be one of the most significant sources of revenue for a nonprofit organization, but events are notoriously complex – and the details matter. Thorough planning and expert execution are critical in reaping all the potential benefits of a special event.

Special Event Management

Ashley|Rountree can manage your special event from beginning to end, including but not limited to committee management, sponsorships, marketing, logistics, and fundraising. And if you just need one component or task of your event managed, our team can step in to help with as much or little support as needed.

Event Evaluation/Audit

If your organization has held a specific event year after year, consider taking a closer look at whether it may be time for a change. Our team can put fresh sets of eyes on your current strategy and offer guidance to maximize the event’s full potential, including:

  • A review all major events currently being held
  • An assessment of the budget(s)
  • Interviews with key staff and volunteers
  • Development of strategies to increase funds raised, attendance, and public relations exposure for the event

Fundraising Planning

If your nonprofit is interested in customizing or developing a new fundraising stream or event, we can suggest options based on the organization’s available resources. Most importantly, the event(s) should uniquely align with your organization’s mission and have the ability to run efficiently and effectively. Our team can review your organization’s overall development annual plan, including an assessment of budgets and the donor database and interviews with key staff and volunteers.