Grantor Cultivation

It is not always a best practice to cold call a potential grantor. Securing funds most often requires cultivation, relationship building and a little “tender loving care”.  We offer data-driven strategies to help you focus on cultivating relationships with your current and future funders, increasing your chances of getting the grant award. Based on our team’s experience and general research, engaged and focused cultivation efforts can raise an organizations chances about 75% over a request that has been submitted without any previous such efforts. 

On Grants

Success Stories

A Social Service Foundation Organization in Louisville, KY

Our client did not have capacity or the time to manage grantor reporting deadlines, much less the ability to have direct and engaging conversations with funders that need to take place before grant applications are submitted.

How We Helped
The Grants Division identified, designed, and executed a grants calendar to organize deadlines, provide efficiencies allowing our client to do more and keep on track. Using our team’s knowledge and expertise, we facilitated conversations with grantors to help the client become better acquainted with their investors.

No deadlines were missed and new funding was secured. The greatest barrier to successful grant funding is not having internal capacity to get the applications submitted on time, rushing resulting applications, and leading to poor submissions. The result for our client was an additional six figures in revenue for their fiscal year. Moreover, we ensured individualized and effective annual stewardship reports were submitted on time which helped to raise the client’s credibility within the local funding pool and secure additional funding well into the future.