Prospect Screening & Database Cleaning

Our team of consultants includes database experts and vendors who can provide deep analysis for a range of database and prospecting needs in annual giving, major gifts, and planned giving.

Annual Giving

Everything begins with a robust and updated list of annual giving donors, and our team will help you identify quick and inexpensive fixes for cleaning your donor list and updating contact information. We can also help you determine optimal segmentation strategies and even procure lists for acquisition campaigns.

Major Gifts

In addition to updating your contact list, our associates can familiarize you with the newest wealth screening tools that can quickly identify the strongest potential supporters for new outreach efforts.

Planned Giving

Our consultants have decades of combined experience working with client databases to analyze trends in loyal giving and determine your top prospective planned gift donors. We can also help you append wealth screening information, giving you a clear vision of loyal supporters who may have non-cash assets perfectly suited for future planned giving discussions.

We are pleased to partner with two firms who offer software training, database cleaning and administration, and wealth screenings. For further information, please contact us.