Board & Volunteer Leadership Development

As the need for external funding grows, the demand for knowledgeable and experienced board members naturally follows – and fundraising is everyone’s job. Ashley|Rountree can assist your organization with the critical work of building a strong and effective board. Just as importantly, we assist you in cultivating a broad team of volunteers that can assume leadership in the years to come.

Like staff, board members are held to ever-higher standards of performance and accountability, expected not only to advise staff on the execution of programs but also devote more time to fundraising than ever before. Ultimately, the board holds public accountability for any 501(c)(3) organization.

Our team includes former key leaders of organizations large and small who have worked as paid staff supporting a board – and we’re all experienced volunteers, too. We can help your organization assess board effectiveness and make recommendations for improving alignment with your mission and goals. Our job is to help your board members grow into their role as thoughtful leaders of staff and volunteers.

Board Governance

Success Stories

Seven Counties Services, Louisville, KY

Seven Counties’ staff and board reached out for expert guidance in strategic planning, asking us to create and guide a board retreat process with an end goal of a new multi-year plan for the entire organization. They needed unbiased assistance to assure the planning process was open, thorough, and responsive to the long-term needs of the region. 

How We Helped
Our team designed a comprehensive two-day planning retreat that took into account mission, vision, situational and SWOT analysis, and programmatic/funding implications. The process moved into specific strategies and action steps, followed by creation of a planning task force that implemented the recommendations. 

Seven Counties smoothly and successfully navigated a significant transition among its top leadership — a process supported in great measure by the early planning efforts.

The board chair for Seven Counties recalled, “The task of developing a strategic plan was daunting, but with the help of Ashley|Rountree consultants, we conducted two full-day retreats that helped us really drill down into the process. With what we learned, the board and staff are now a well-oiled machine. The staff has taken ownership, and we have a document that serves as a lighthouse to help us navigate difficult times.”

House of Ruth, Louisville, KY

“Ashley|Rountree presented to our board of directors on creating a culture of philanthropy. To prepare, Kacy Noltemeyer and Mike Schultz worked closely with our board chair and me to customize the content and level of interaction.

Their presentation was exactly what we were looking for: customized, yet affordable. The content and delivery were spot-on. Their remarks were very energizing for our board and a great confidence-builder. Nothing but positive feedback! This is precisely the type of training service our nonprofit community needs.

I’m so glad Ashley/Rountree is able and willing to provide customized training content within reach from a budget standpoint. We really appreciate it!”

– Lisa Sutton, Executive Director