Operational Assessments

An operational assessment will compare how an organization intends to be operating against their actual performance, pointing out the things that distract and divert staff and board attention from successfully executing their strategy.

This tool involves a detailed look “under the hood” of your organization to uncover issues that are either existing pain points or have the potential to escalate.

Once the assessment is complete, nonprofits may further benefit from a solutions-oriented action plan to address the root cause(s) of their challenges and resulting barriers. At this level, the operational assessment will help determine whether the organization has the capability and capacity to successfully implement these solutions, and if not, craft a roadmap for getting there.

For example, your organization might benefit from an operational assessment if:

  • You’re preparing for strategic planning
  • Your strategic plan execution has stalled, and results are inconsistent
  • Your organization has recently hired someone for a key leadership role or added a new service or program
  • Your organization is planning to or recently merged programs, services, or in totality with another entity