Program Evaluations & Methodology

When you secure a grant, successful fund development officers know this is just the beginning of their relationship with the grant maker. Grantees must not only stay in compliance with their grantor’s mandates — which often involve submitting detailed, professional, annual program evaluations — but also must continue to build the relationship, communicate and provide overall great stewardship for the funds invested.

The Grants Division team has the capacity and expertise to help you develop needed methodology to effectively measure your goals and objectives and then report those back to the funder to ensure you never miss a deadline and that your organization is best positioned to pursue additional investment in the future.

It’s all about impact, relevance and effective communication.

Success Stories

Arts Organization in Louisville, KY

Our client was going through significant internal organizational culture changes. Staffing was minimal and the ability and capacity to appropriately track several grantor’s mandated reporting functions was just not getting done.  Providing timely and clear program evaluations are critical to maintaining current funding and securing future funding. Nonprofits simply cannot afford to fail to produce mandated funder reports and evaluations.

How We Helped
The team provided a direct solution, acting as interim staff to provide specific focus for those areas that needed help. Our grant professionals analyzed the list of grants, identified which ones were up for annual evaluation, prepared and submitted the program evaluations, and initiated appropriate stewardship needed to secure the funder relationships moving forward.

Not only did we ensure critical deadlines were not missed, the Grants Division team enhanced our client’s reputation with their investors. Individualized annual reports can be one of the strongest forms of communication between the grantor and the grantee and therefore should be at the top of any “to do” list.  It is often the only chance a nonprofit can showcase their work to the funder. We helped the client stay in compliance with mandates which kept them in excellent standing with their loyal investors, and we can do the same for you.