Branding Solutions

Nonprofit branding creates the relationships you want with your stakeholders – fostering their loyalty, trust and preference. You may consider your brand a promise to your community – making a commitment to who you are, what you do and why it matters. Branding helps increase social awareness, raise more money, build internal efficiency, acquire talent, and develop a solid public reputation. At a premium, a fully aligned branding strategy will help your organization serve its mission and stay true to its values and culture. 

Each branded communication, touchpoint, and interaction with your audience provides an opportunity to make a good impression and to stand out from other organizations. Ashley|Rountree can help you along the way.

  • Current Brand Assessment: Research your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, special capabilities, and advantages (SWOT). Define the current impact you’re having and what your stakeholders expect of you.
  • Initiate Brand Strategy: Host a visioning session to identify brand objectives and direction, marketplace dynamics, barriers and opportunities, brand essence ideation, and target audience – client profiles and personas.
  • Define Core Brand Values: Use these both internally and externally to let stakeholders know what you stand for and to inform your brand messaging.
  • Create Branding Style Guidelines: Develop your logo, tagline, color palette, typography, image guidelines, tone of voice/personality, and messaging/story for cohesion, efficiency, and impact.
  • Develop Visual Brand Identity: Create cohesive social media platforms, website, email marketing, print content, videos, and event marketing for easy recognition and emotional connection with your audience.

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