Comprehensive Capital Campaign Assessment & Planning

Major campaigns are high-stakes events in the life of any organization, no matter the size of the endeavor. Ahead of any campaign, it’s vital to conduct a thorough and objective analysis of your fundraising strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and position the organization for success.

Our experienced team of professionals – many of them drawing on years of personal experience as full-time fundraisers – has led more than 300 comprehensive campaign studies nationwide for nonprofits from a variety of backgrounds.

Armed with experience and passion, we’ll take a deep dive into your organization’s campaign readiness based on detailed analysis and interviews with key donors, prospects, board members, and staff. The resulting product is a comprehensive and highly personalized report containing candid feedback, specific recommendations, and a clear plan of action that details what’s working, where to dedicate focus and attention, and how your organization can find sure footing on the path to fundraising success.

Interviewing Donors

We also work with faith communities throughout the region to transform their visions into reality and donors into champions for long-term sustainability. Our local experts’ knowledge of our region’s faith landscape – combined with our strategic partnership with the nation’s leading church and congregation fundraising consulting group –– delivers your faith community an impressive range of consulting resources tailored to specific needs. When you choose Ashley|Rountree, you’ll work alongside a highly trusted and experienced team of consultants who understand the nuances of raising funds to support a faith community.

Success Stories

Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, KY

While Lexington Theological Seminary is among the oldest seminaries in the nation, staff and board leadership had not completed a successful capital campaign in three decades. Moreover, they had just made a revolutionary transition from a brick-and-mortar campus to an online, distance-learning model. They asked Ashley|Rountree to assess the viability of a major funds initiative that would boost annual giving, major gifts to key programs, and the endowment.

How We Helped
Our consultants worked with staff and board to define a case for support, identified and met with more than 35 key prospects from around the nation, assessed the performance of the advancement department, and recommended key findings and changes that led to a successful $4 million effort.

The Seminary exceeded its goal ahead of schedule in addition to witnessing unprecedented annual giving growth and the largest-ever estate pledges to the endowment.

Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, FL

Fundraising leaders at the 335-bed nonprofit community hospital decided to embark on a first-time major capital campaign. The Flagler Health Care Foundation wanted to engage their volunteer board and small staff to plan and launch a campaign.

How We Helped
Our team of consultants assessed the current state of the Foundation’s fundraising success, staff, prospects, and systems, then interviewed key stakeholders in St. Augustine. We quickly determined that essential changes needed to occur in the board structure, annual giving programs, Foundation staffing, and community messaging.

Thanks to a leadership planned giving commitment, the Foundation launched the “Forever Flagler” campaign as a hybrid capital/annual/endowment campaign, and within 24 months, it surpassed its $8 million goal. With our team remaining closely involved as campaign counsel, the Foundation also launched its first planned giving council and its first-ever grateful patients initiative, Flagler Health Care Heroes.