Grant Writing & Editing

Grant professionals strengthen nonprofits every single day. Operating a successful, sustainable nonprofit is not an easy task; it takes time and due diligence, and the equation for long-term sustainability most typically involves a strong and robust grants program. Many nonprofits simply do not have the internal capacity to identify, seek, and apply for qualified grant opportunities, much less manage the stewardship of those grants once awarded.

The Ashley|Rountree grants division has well over 100 years of combined grant writing and grant management experience and is solely dedicated to working directly with our clients to maximize grant support. Not only do we identify the right funding opportunities for nonprofits, but we have capacity to write the proposals, submit them, and then assist with the management and reporting piece of the work.

Overall, it’s the objective of the Ashley|Rountree grants division to help each client develop the internal knowledge they need to be successful with grants. This includes in-depth research, partnership cultivation, an in-depth knowledge of grant making institutions, and instruction on how to become and remain a grant-ready organization. Whether you need a comprehensive private / corporate foundation research process to identify grant opportunities specific to your funding priorities, need someone to assist with the grant writing process, or need someone to completely write a grant from start to finish, the grants team at Ashley|Rountree has the expertise to meet your needs and maximize success in securing funds.

Grant Writing

Jenn Watson is an exceptional grant writer who has demonstrated a deep understanding of our organization’s mission. She has developed a workflow that allows information to flow seamlessly between our team, and it’s clear that she is invested in our success. Jenn is one of the best grant writers I’ve worked with, I am grateful for her hard work and dedication to our cause.

Toni Carver Smith, Actors Theatre of Louisville


How do you know if your organization is grant-ready?

There’s so much to think about and prepare when you’re submitting a grant! To ease the process, our team has compiled a checklist of commonly requested documents and information.

Download your grant-ready checklist now!

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Success Stories

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (Louisville, KY)

The Girl Scouts had identified new funding opportunities but simply did not have in-house capacity or expertise to write proposals and submit additional grant applications. They did not want to miss new and qualified funding streams, and partnered with Ashley|Rountree on an as-needed, hourly basis.

How We Helped
Ashley|Rountree assigned two dedicated grant professionals to work closely and cohesively with the Girl Scouts to fully prepare and submit proposals. Over the course of one year, our team led them through a process that allowed them to submit more than 12 new grant applications – from funding sources that they had never approached before. Using our proven model, applications were prepared, the Girl Scouts’ team reviewed and provided feedback, and once reviewed the Ashley|Rountree team did final “fine-tuning” and ensured the application made it to the finish line on time every time. No deadlines were ever missed and quality applications were submitted.

The cost of a full-time grant professional can often be much more than a nonprofit wants or can afford.  Contracting this service through Ashley|Rountree can help reduce operating costs and maximize revenue returns.  With the Girl Scouts, this partnership led to lower costs grant writing services and generated over $100,000 in new grant revenue for the client in the first year – and they continue to partner with the Ashley|Rountree grants team to this day.