Business Solutions

Non-profit may be your organization’s tax status.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be your business model.

The Business Solutions Division of Ashley|Rountree and Associates specializes in business development, earned revenue and project management.  We help non-profits build and increase earned revenue streams.  

Leveraging decades of experience in professional services, for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurialism and leadership management, the Business Solutions Division is uniquely equipped to drive new and additional revenue streams. 

We work with you as a team, listening to your goals, then harnessing our passion, purpose and experience to achieve bottom line results for you.

Business Development 


Business development is for clients who are interested in the long-game, with a focus on creating long-term value.  It usually takes between six and twelve months.  (Based on the engagement, we may work with clients for shorter periods.)

Our Approach

  1. Work with you to identify key relationships with the highest potential to generate sustainable revenue.
  2. Develop these relationships into strategic partnerships.
  3. Continue the process until we achieve the desired objectives. 

Asset Mapping

A powerful tool we our offer you is asset mapping, or landscape analysis.  It provides you with key information which can only be collected by a third party.  Our process is straightforward: 

  1. Determine deliverables
  2. Identify stakeholders to be engaged
  3. Develop the questionnaire
  4. Conduct interviews
  5. Draft a summary report with clear action items. 

The anonymity of asset mapping empowers participants to speak with candor, providing you with vital information.

Earned Revenue


Another word for earned revenue is sales.  Many non-profits aren’t comfortable with the idea of sales, yet the processes – earning revenue and generating sales – are strikingly similar. 

We offer two earned revenue services: auditing existing procedures and assisting clients in designing and launching new programs.  The objective of both is to increase revenue. 

Our Approach

Our process follows five steps: 

  1. Access your situation
  2. Estimate desired revenue goals (short- and long-term)
  3. Create a repeatable process
  4. Continuously refine the process with “hands-on” experience
  5. Manage the initiative until a repeatable process can be passed onto others 

Business Plans

A comprehensive business plan is key to any earned revenue program.  The breadth and depth of the plan will vary, yet the document must include a compelling vision coupled with a realistic financial and operational model.

A typical plan will include a one-page summary; an executive summary; an overview of the company; an outline of strategy; an analysis of the marketplace; a diagnostic of the competition; the capital requirements; and the supporting exhibits.

Regardless of the narrative, all plans include a complete set of financial statements – income, balance sheet and cash flow.

Project Management


The hallmark of a successful project is mission accomplished.  We offer two project management services – project specific and long-term engagements.  In each case, you determine the objectives, and we proactively listen to you to understand those goals. 

Our Approach

Regardless of which service, we tackle projects in the same manner: 

  1. Identify variables
  2. Determine objectives 
  3. Develop the plan of action
  4. Assemble the team
  5. Manage the process until the objectives are reached

Typically, a client will begin with a specific assignment.  Depending upon the evolution of the work, our duties can grow into a long-term engagement.


Project management is about getting things done.  We hold ourselves accountable, and we hold you accountable, too.  Clients only hire us if they want to complete the project.  We do not miss deadlines, and we hold everyone involved to the same standard.