Social Media Solutions

Social media is one of the most popular free tools for nonprofits to leverage to share information and engage with supporters and the public. With a variety of platforms each offering a particular type of message delivery – long-form text, short-form text, imagery, video, etc. – adding social media platforms into a marketing and communications strategy are vital to an organization’s growth.

Our consulting team will work to understand how you use social media channels and develop a strategy with you for including it in your organization’s outreach plans. Social media strategies can focus on a stand-alone campaign or an overall messaging plan and consist of goals, audience identification, messaging themes, tactics, and measures for success.

Social media is so much more than posting every now and then; frequency, timing, engagement, and content also matter.

We can collaborate with you to increase your organization’s reach and take your social media presence to the next level with the following capabilities:

  • Social Media Strategy – Refining messaging, building engagement, and strengthening your brand
  • Social Media Messaging and Scheduling – Creating editorial and content calendars, producing content, and offering best practices in timing and frequency
  • Social Media Toolkits – Creating turnkey packages for board, staff, volunteers, or other stakeholders to help you spread the word about a particular initiative or campaign (could include things like special events or short-term fundraising initiatives)
  • Social Media Audit & Metrics Evaluation – Analyzing demographics to determine your current online community, and evaluate/assess content for “hits” and “misses”

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