Research Services

One of the top reasons nonprofits miss out on securing grant dollars is because they simply do not know the opportunities exist. Some private and corporate foundations fly under the radar or do not have websites making them not easy to find – and many can change funding priorities on a regular basis.  With our years of experience and countless relationships in the sector, we remove these barriers with intelligence, research, and constant access to various databases that enable our grant professionals to identify opportunities based on your most pressing funding needs. We have the skills and expertise to produce a comprehensive foundation search for your organization that leads to funding success, and captures the important aspects like:

  • Name of Grantor
  • Detailed Information on Recent & Past Giving
  • Detailed Steps to Apply & Strategy for an Approach
  • Key Leaders Associated with the Foundation in Decision-Making Roles
  • Up-to-date Information on Current Application Process and Deadlines
  • Guidance with Ask Amount

Following the search process, we design a grants calendar that is driven by deadlines, capacity and sequenced to build an efficient grant writing process.