Easy Giving?

Last May, Jennifer and David Risher, a California couple, started the #HalfMyDAF movement asking those with donor advised funds (DAF) to empty half of their funds to get money to those charities in need due to COVID’s effects.  The movement ended on September 30 so final results have not been released but the August 20 Chronicle of Philanthropy article states that at least $4.7 million has already been given to more than 440 charities from May through August.  Very positive results.
While emptying half of one’s donor advised fund may not be on everyone’s list, there is definitely some points worth noting for nonprofits:

Review donor lists

Identify those individuals who are giving to donor advised funds.  Donors who place money into donor advised funds have received the tax deduction and the money is sitting in the fund ready to contribute to a nonprofit. 

Contact those individuals

While donors are not obliged to give a certain amount each year (although many do), these monies are ready to be disbursed and may not have been earmarked yet to a nonprofit.  Therefore, it is in the best interest of a development team to contact these individuals and have a discussion about the donor’s DAF.  
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