Learning in the Company of Friends

We are very excited to announce a first for Kentucky – The CNPE School for Fundraising and Engagement!
A partnership was born when Ann Coffey, CEO of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) reviewed May 2020 survey results about fundraising during the pandemic and reached out to Ashley|Rountree’s (A|R) Mark Rountree, Executive Vice President who had always wanted to start a regional school.  It was an enthusiastic collaboration which about one year later resulted in this announcement.   
The CNPE School for Fundraising and Engagement is designed to significantly improve the ability of our community’s nonprofit sector (staff, board members, volunteers and funders) to expand funding through a full range of methods and skills.  The long-term goal is to increase public and private sector financial support for the sector, to increase access to this support and to inspire bigger, bolder initiatives.  Issues of Equity are at the very core of the school’s mission and practices
Fundraising education is the core of the classes and grant-makers and donors are teachers and learners.  Mark further explains, “We are going to create a robust two-way dialogue between funders and charities that will lead to a deeper understanding of how philanthropy can reimagined. It’s long past time to open these doors.”
We are delighted to be part of this collaboration with Mark serving on the Planning Team and Ashley|Rountree consultants serving as faculty from time-to-time.  Topics will include fundamental classes like Major Gifts, Annual Giving, Grants, Working with Foundations and Businesses.  The goal is to have both the faculty and first year’s students represent the entire community, with 25% being persons of color. In fact, nearly half of the School’s inaugural faculty represent communities of color. Also, the School will offer a Certificate in Fundraising and Engagement for participants who complete eight courses, including five core courses. CNPE is planning to offer CFRE credit, too.
The CNPE School for Fundraising and Engagement will offer twelve virtual classes in its first 2021 term, which will run from April through June. The second term will run from September through November. In 2022, the School will add a special Philanthropy Leadership cohort of 20 participants who will join together in an intensive six-month experience of learning and service to the community.  
The cost per class will be $75 to $90 for 90-minute sessions with class sizes limited to 30 students.  Initially classes will be held virtually but as restrictions are released the classes will be in-person. Small classes led by real practitioners and volunteer leaders will help accomplish an important goal of the new School: Building new networks of mentoring and peer-to-peer support across the entire nonprofit sector.
We hope you are as excited as we are in this announcement and we encourage you to take advantage of these budget-friendly classes.  To learn more please click here.
Learning does not stop no matter what age or what title one has.  Take a class or two and learn in the company of friends!