Over the past few weeks we have heard more hiring freezes being lifted. Additionally, organizations are strategically thinking about staffing alignment and focusing on what is important at this juncture.

If your organization is in hiring mode, consider the following thoughts as you begin your recruitment process:

Prep for the job description

Take time to review the current job description and get a colleague’s input. What are the indicators for success? Are there general metrics that can be added? Would the description inspire the applicant?

Evaluate salary

Times are tight and funds may not be as plentiful as in the past. But do your homework! Go to industry sites (or talk with similar organizations) to see what average pay for a particular position might be. And remember that a higher salary may not always be the answer; candidates are interested in other incentives such as flexible work hours or continued education.

Time to post!

Once you have the job description finalized and the salary range you are ready to post. First, write the job posting so that it clearly describes the organization and sells the job. Use specific numbers especially if the candidate is responsible for meeting certain goals. Next, take time to select the appropriate posting sites. General sites like Indeed or Glassdoor may be less costly (even free!) but many times it is better to post in industry sites/newsletters or the like that give you more exposure. Even if it costs, it is generally worth it. And don’t forget to list it on your own website!

The tough questions

As you wait for applications and prepare to interview candidates, consider what are you asking of the candidate. The candidate may ask tough questions on why the organization is doing something a particular way. Be ready for these tough questions and don’t be defensive. Remember, the candidate is considering you (as a hiring manager) and the organization just as much as you are interviewing the candidate.

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