Ashley | Rountree and Associates is the region's leading provider of consulting services for nonprofit organizations. Our primary focus is comprehensive fund development and strategic planning.

We are committed to cultivating philanthropy and helping the communities we serve become a better place for all who live and work in them.

Rather than create clients who are dependent on our expertise, we work to build each organization's capabilities from within. Our objective is to help each client develop the internal resources they require to reach present goals and to sustain future growth.

Working closely with clients and communities, we help organizations transform dreams into achievements and dedicated donors into champions for change.

Ashley|Rountree named a Strategic Partner of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU)

Ashley|Rountree announced today it has been selected as a Strategic Partner of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU) and will provide its full complement of higher educational consulting services to the organization's 56 member institutions.

Select Partners of the APCU are carefully chosen based on their experience, capabilities and commitment to support the work of the APCU and its member institutions.

"We are honored to be named as an APCU Select Partner and look forward to working with the APCU and its member schools," said Jeff Ashley, founder, president and senior consultant of Ashley|Rountree. "Our higher education team is ready to support the APCU and its members in enhancing their advancement goals, governance decisions, and overall institutional improvement."

Rick Dorman, D.Ed., an Ashley|Rountree senior consultant and a past president of the APCU will serve as lead consultant to APCU, with support and counsel from Ashley, Mark Rountree, vice president, partner and senior consultant, and Mimi Ward, senior consultant. Additional services will be provided by higher education team members including Mark Hutchins, Leigh Perry, Don Tharpe and Bill Schneider.

Ashley|Rountree and Associates is a leading provider of consulting services for nonprofit organizations in the education, health, art and other non-profit organizations. The primary focus is assisting organizations with strategic planning, management, executive searches, capital campaign efforts, and building comprehensive fund development programs. Founded in 2002, Ashley|Rountree is committed to building growth capacity in each organization it serves in a sustainable and ethical manner that values results. Over the past 15+ years, Ashley\Rountree has worked successfully with over 300 organizations.

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