A harbinger for good things to come?

Did you participate in last week’s Giving Tuesday day of giving?  If so, you may have been one of the many organizations who received strong financial support from your patrons.  According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, there was a 30% increase in donations from that of 2019.  It is wonderful to hear this news since 2020 has created some detrimental effects on many nonprofits. 
As you approach the end of year, you have undoubtedly set a plan for seeking donations.  Given that nonprofits bring in on average 40% of annual revenue during the holidays, this is a crucial time for organizations.  While your plan is probably already in action, here are some tips to consider and perhaps enhance what is already occurring:
This will be the first year in more than three decades that all Americans will receive at least some deduction, even if the donor does not itemize.  Thanks to the Cares Act this tax deduction is only through December 31, 2020. 
Why vs Urgent Support   
When making your case for support give reasons why the donor should give rather than making a plea because of dire circumstances.  Illustrate the effectiveness of a gift and the impact it will have on the organization.
Matching Gifts
Gifts matched by corporations should be targeted.  Segment your donors so that anyone who has previously had their gift matched will receive a customized letter.  Matching gifts should be a focal point in the letter – don’t hide it or add it as an afterthought.  Talk about the importance of these gifts and the impact they make by giving specific statistics pertaining to your organization.
While Giving Tuesday helped to get the word out about philanthropy, it is now incumbent on nonprofits to continue to make additional requests and be as strategic as possible.  The focus should be on end-of-year giving since this is a period of time when many Americans make charitable contributions.  Should you be stuck in the creative process, know that Ashley|Rountree is here to help.  Our team of professionals has worked with nonprofits in various sectors and can help customize a plan to fit your needs. We can offer some ideas that can be put into action overnight.  Contact us to hear how we can assist with year-end strategy.