American Rescue Plan Act – Part 1

The latest buzz on the street has been less about COVID and more about how cities across the nation will be receiving and allocating substantial funds to organizations in need.  Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Kentucky counties will receive a direct allocation of $867.8 million. Each city will have its own process and therefore we encourage each nonprofit to reach out to local governmental entities.  You can find information about each county’s estimated allocation here.

What We Know – Louisville

Louisville alone will receive approximately $388 million according to sources. As of June 29, the RFP process for Louisville has not yet been released.  Recently, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence held a call with local organizations to discuss initial thoughts on how monies may be allocated.  Metro Councilman and Budget Chair, Bill Hollander highlighted some categories that will certainly be part of the funding process:

  • Health Concerns – focus on efforts to help increase vaccination efforts or to tackle mental health issues
  • Housing – This is not limited to houseless people.  How can partnerships be formed to tackle this issue?
  • Violence Prevention
  • Job Training and Education – Early childhood literacy and kindergarten readiness
  • Technology – Broadband to increase Wi-Fi accessibility across the county

According to City leadership the approach to selecting initiatives will focus on systems and processes within systems instead of individual projects.  They want to see lasting change based upon cooperation among groups.  Partnerships will be vital.

Again, the process has not clearly been defined but we have heard that in July there will be Metro Council meetings soliciting public input on priorities.  RFPs could be issued as early as August for the defined priority areas. 

How Ashley|Rountree Can Help

We will continue to update you as we learn more so please watch for further blogs on this subject.  Once the priorities and process become more clearly defined, our team can assist with important strategy conversation and grant writing involved with the RFP process. Know we are here to help make the process easier, and help maximize your opportunity for success!

Helpful Sites

Louisville Metro Plan and Input – Learn more about the initial tranche of funding and input sessions
Kentucky League of Cities – General information on Kentucky’s allocation
National Council of Nonprofits – Principles, Recommendations and Models for Investing Recovery Funds

Contact us to chat through potential steps to be prepared for this opportunity!