This, we know.

Colleges and universities have started the new school year either in person or virtually and many elementary and secondary are doing the same.  Organizations are now in a period of making a determination for a future we may not know.   As we come to terms with what recovery looks like (and it may take different forms), here is what we do know in the nonprofit sector:

Succeeding is possible.

Those nonprofits who are nimble during turbulent times may be the most likely to be successful.  Look to the past (and lessons learned) to help plan for your future.  Use your mission to guide your work and focus on the programs and services that are core to your mission.

Continue fundraising efforts.

By all means keep fundraising.  Reach out to donors initially in conversation and ultimately to request a gift; continue to seek the grants that help fulfill your mission. But also understand that fundraising will not resolve all long-term needs.  It will take creativity, communication, and leadership.

Leading through crisis.

Involve your Board on issues where they can have an impact; keep an open dialogue with your Board chair.  You have heard it before but many great leaders surround themselves with a strong staff.  Make sure to engage the staff who are having first-hand experiences with your mission.  As a leader, tough decisions may be ahead so take the time to review staff alignment and operational staff structure. 

Thorough, thoughtful planning (not reactionary) will lead to a stronger, more resilient organization — one that will be successful in the years ahead.

We thought this article from Harvard Business Review encapsulates our thoughts and a few more.  And as always, Ashley|Rountree is here to help your nonprofit in fund development, strategic planning, staffing alignment or any of the services we provide.