Our Team

DeVon Hankins

Vice President, Operational Performance & Innovation, and Senior Consultant

DeVon is a veteran consultant with decades of experience and a passion for guiding cross-functional teams toward scaled improvement, creative problem solving, and enterprise transformation.

During her career, DeVon has led and provided oversight for the planning, evaluation and monitoring of enterprise-level projects, social programs, regulatory practices, and legislative agendas. She has held strategist roles, from advising international trade negotiations on behalf of U.S. ag producers to providing oversight for trade zone pricing for one of the largest auto makers in the world and leading the creation of a city strategic planning process that has been modeled by other U.S. cities.

DeVon has expertise in strategic planning, operational improvement, and capacity building, and is a Six Sigma Greenbelt, Balanced Scorecard Professional, and Certified Project Manager Director and Trainer. She holds a B.S. in Agriculture with a minor in Agronomy, and an M.S. in Agriculture Economics with a focus in Agri-business, Marketing and Finance from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

DeVon is a veteran officer of the U.S. Army and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Kentucky College of Art + Design as the co-chair for advancement. She is known for her thoughtful approach to listening and insightful takeaways that help clients succeed.

Credentials & Qualifications

  • 25+ years combined military, federal, state, and local government leadership experience​
  • Proven ability to lead operational development initiatives to increase competitive market position and build the internal capability of an organization​
  • Adept at process transformation – identifying process inefficiencies and sources of loss, and implementing resolution activities using cross-functional resources to eliminate them​
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of policy and strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation ​
  • Professional experience in directing social programs, operational systems, and enterprise-level initiatives​
  • 20+ years enterprise-level project portfolio management experience​
  • 9 years certified Six Sigma Greenbelt and Strategic Planning Professional​
  • 4+ years combined export/import trade policy evaluation and negotiation experience—federal, state, and private sector​
  • 4 years Certified Project Director and Project Manager Trainer; with 20+ years project management, board leadership and/or membership experience

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