Our Team

Robin Seiler


Robin Seiler has more than 23 years of administrative and consulting experience in nonprofit, independent school education. Serving Louisville Collegiate School (LCS) from 2000-2015, Robin joined as Director of Auxiliary Programs and was soon named Associate Director of Admission. She finished her career with LCS as the Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid.

Robin’s collaborative leadership style and keen understanding of diverse stakeholders’ needs resulted in a large spectrum of programs that helped increase student body diversity and net revenue. Some of the developments included merit scholarship programs, establishment of a junior kindergarten program, and the restoration of revenue to fund an exchange student program.

Robin served under five different Heads of School and provided steady leadership through each transition, working across departments and developing unified messaging for the school.

After retiring from LCS, Robin was recruited by a trade association to provide ad hoc strategic planning and enrollment management services to schools across the country. The consulting practice led to interim positions across the country, where she conducted in-depth audits of enrollment management operations, functions, and processes. In addition, her review of historical data led to the construction and implementation of initiatives that moved schools forward in strategic enrollment management, enrollment, and an increase in net revenue.